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Engine Carbon Clean

Signs that your engine may require a carbon clean include a loss of power, raised fuel consumption and an increase in emissions.

 Whether you use petrol or diesel, fuel never burns 100% efficiently and under some circumstances will leave carbon and other residues inside the engine. Vehicles often driven at low speed - for example in heavy traffic - are the most likely to accumulate deposits but many direct-injection engines are also prone. If there are significant deposits, an engine carbon clean will significantly restore the compression power of the engine and avert more serious problems.

 An engine carbon clean must be conducted with care so it is best to rely on the qualified fitters at a properly equipped garage such as Shannon Corner Service Centre Ltd. Different methods are sometimes chosen according to the type of engine and the extent of the problem. Cars, vans and motorcycles can all benefit from an engine carbon clean and usually the treatment takes between 30 minutes and one hour (diesel engines need a longer treatment than petrol).

Contact Shannon Corner Service Centre Ltd, New Malden on 0208 9429666 to book an Engine Carbon Clean.

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